Cashmere Care

Washing Tactics


When it comes to cleaning your cashmere, we would always recommend dry cleaning as hand-washing may ruin the pattern of the knit or alter the shape of the garment.


If hand-washing, adding a capful of cashmere wash can greatly improve the final result. Gently hand wash the garment using lukewarm water and allow to soak for a few minutes before rinsing thoroughly with cool water. Do not wring, dry flat and avoid direct sunlight. 


While we would never recommend washing cashmere in the washing machine, if you must, turn your garment inside-out and place it inside in a laundry bag. Select a delicate wash cycle with a maximum temperature of 30°C. If you spin dry your cashmere, use the shortest/most delicate spin. Re-shape the garment whilst damp and dry flat, out of direct sunlight.



Storage & Damage Control


Moths are much less attracted to clean garments, so it is crucial that you keep your cashmere clean. When it comes to storage, ensure they are kept in a breathable zip-up plastic bag in a well ventilated area.


Alternatively, cedar wood balls are a modern and natural substitute to traditional mothballs. Not only do they have a pleasant fragrance, they are effective at repelling moths, mildew and mustiness. We would recommend replacing them every 6 to 12 months.


Friction may cause pilling, tiny balls of fluff to form on garments, particularly with more gauzy/open knits. Regular washing helps prevent this and you can also de-pill with a cashmere comb.